August 2019 Global Temperature Update

August 2019 Global Temperature Update

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August 2019 was +0.90°C relative to 1951-1980 or +1.15°C relative to 1880-1920, which was the second warmest August since 1880 when adequate measurements began. January-August in 2019 was +1.25°C relative to 1880-1920, second only to 2016 (+1.36°C) for those eight months. 2016 was affected by a super El Nino and 2019 by a weak El Nino. Although 2019 could be warmer than 2016 over the next four months, it seems unlikely that the 2019 annual mean will exceed that of 2016.

Temperature anomaly maps (below) for June-August (Northern Hemisphere summer) reveal relatively cool regions in North America and northwestern Eurasia, but most of the land area in the Northern Hemisphere was unusually hot, especially in large areas in Alaska, Europe, the Middle East and northern Africa. Almost 1500 people died as a result of the summer heat wave in France alone.

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A PDF of this temperature update is available:…/August2019.pdf