24 January 2017

James Hansen
My “no interviews” note engendered some misunderstanding. It was a bit too brief.

My point is that we must ration our time onto the most effective actions.

The legal front becomes all the more important. We missed an opportunity with the last Administration. Now our work is cut out more clearly, with no time to lose.

The undergirding of the ultimate climate solution will be a rising carbon fee. Times of turmoil can be the best time to get effective change. Merits of a revenue-neutral rising carbon fee, for job creation, economic growth, bringing home production as transport costs rise – besides health and environmental gains from reduced pollution – must be made clear. On the long run, that’s the most effective way to stop foolish fossil fuel expansion.

There are an uncountable number of actions that can help. We need people to stay involved and more to get involved. I did not mean that I was getting discouraged – on the contrary, we are more committed than ever. I want to make the broad story clearer, and I think that short interviews are not the most effective way to do that.