Emphatic Ruling by Judge Aiken

11 November 2016

James Hansen

Judge Ann Aiken, in the United States District Court in Eugene Oregon, yesterday issued an emphatic ruling in favor of the plaintiffs in the case of Juliana et al. versus the United States.

In a remarkable 54-page Opinion and Order, which, for its clarity and scholarship, will surely be a historical document, Judge Aiken rejected the request by the Federal Government and fossil fuel interveners to dismiss the case.  Next week I will provide a discussion of the significance of this case and the way forward.  Here I simply provide the Opinion and Order, because the ruling reaffirms dramatically how our democracy can be made to provide justice for all.

I discussed this case in a prior op-ed and in a video with my oldest grandchild, and in other Communications on my web site, but we will now be able to make a better discussion.